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To many Japanese people, green tea is not just only a beverage, but something with an immense cultural and spiritual influence over its long history. It is imbued in the everyday lives of th e Japanese. It also occupies an indispensable place in the contemporary lives of people.

Green tea has received much interest in recent years as a health beverage. Studies are being conducted in numerous fields about the health benefits of such tea component as antioxidant and catechin, minerals and theanine. Green tea can thus be said to be an important daily beverage that boosts our health.

Maruhori is dedicated to preserving and carrying on with this traditional health beverage of Japan by manufacturing and marketing flavorful green tea that is always saf e to drink and fresh tasting.

At the s ame time, we continue to challenge ourselves by infusing fresh air into this traditional beverage so that it stays compatible with ever-changing lifestyle trends. We will make suggestions not only in Japan but also in the global market for enjoying nice and healthy living with green tea.

Takashi Horiuchi, President

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