Privacy Policy | Maruhori Tea MFG


Privacy Policy

  • Maruholy Tea MFG Co., Ltd. (the "Company") considers it to be its duty to protect customers'privacy, their personal information and data settings in the course of its business activity.
  • The Company handles all information provided by its customers that enables the identification of specific individuals ("Personal Information"), whether it is provided in the form of an order or inquiry through the Company website, an order by a paper order sheet, or an inquiry by e-mail or telephone, in accordance with the following:
  • Personal Information is any information that identifies a customer. It includes such information as the name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the customer.
  • Whenever the Company collects Personal Information, the Company discloses the purpose of such collection and collects only the Personal Information within the minimum scope necessary.
  • The Company strives to properly manage the Personal Information it collects and prevents the leakage and alteration of and unauthorized access to the Personal Information.
  • As a general principle, the Company shall not offer or disclose the Personal Information it collects to any third party except in the following cases:
    1. A formal written request for cooperation or inquiry is received from a party who has the legal authority to make such an inquiry; or
    2. A customer consents to disclosure.
  • The Company will accommodate a request by a customer for inquiry or revision of his/her own Personal Data only after the Company makes certain that the individual making such a request is indeed the purported customer in accordance with the procedures established by the Company.
  • The Company strictly complies with all Japanese laws, regulations and rules that apply to the Personal Information it holds. Furthermore, the Company reviews these policies periodically and strives to improve them.