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We produce safe high-quality products that fit our customers’ needs.
  • ●Working with tea growers, we offer products that are easily traceable to the source for our customers assurance.
  • ●We possess abundant know-how, due to many years of OEM experience.
  • ●We are capable of diverse product development, encompassing all price ranges.
  • ●We act promptly, starting with product sample suggestions all the way to mass production and delivery.
  • ●We also offer suggestions on material quality and package design.
  • ●We can accommodate customer requests for not only tea leaves b ut also other tea products, including tea bags, instant tea powder, macha, oolong tea and black tea products.
  • ●We can also accommodate requests for gift products.

Feel free to contact us if you have an idea for a product!
Please get in touch by telephone or e -mail if you would like to learn more about tea.

We propose original products upon customer request.
We are especially focused on developing products that meet varied needs of consumers and capitalizing on unique product features.
We propose product designs and brand development, based on customers’ product and market strategies.

Once the concept is approved, we prototype product
samples and make speedy proposals.

We design original attractive package designs
as part of creating new products.

Production commences once tea is selected and the product design (packaging material) is approved
We deliver promptly and reliably, relying on our efficient production system. We accomplish this by constructing an annual business plan for mass production and establishing our system of production.

Product Lineup

We are capable of accommodating a variety of uses, including packaging in bags, tins and sticks.

There is a great variety in tea packaging. It is not easy to de termine what kind of packaging and package design are the most appropriate for a par ticular type of tea.Please do not hesitate to consult with us with any question.

Product Lineup